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WITHER and BLOOM does what no other band in the modern heavy Christian music scene does,

and that is, they fill a void. Here's what we mean.

If you want a commercial hard rock band, you have bands like Skillet or RED. If you want some 80's sounding glam metal, you have bands like Stryper or Theocracy. If you want something a bit heavier, you then have to jump to bands like August Burns Red, Underoath or stuff much heavier like Antestor. But if you're looking for something somewhere in the middle, good luck finding anything of much substance. This is where WITHER and BLOOM comes in.


Labeled an alternative Christian hard rock/metal band, you could also add to that, elements of metalcore, power groove, sludge, heavy metal, post-grunge, indie rock, southern metal, nu metal, and thrash metal just to name a few.

One of the main things setting this band's sound apart from other heavy Christian bands out there is the vocals. Most of the lighter bands out today don't have any heavy screaming. Most of the heavier bands don't have clean vocals or if they do sing clean, the male vocals are usually very high in range and don't sound very masculine. Since the singer of WITHER and BLOOM has a baritone voice, the vocals are definitely lower in register, making them sound more masculine and darker to match the sound of the music. In addition, there are not only clean and heavy vocals, but there are also raspy or dirty clean vocals as well, giving a much broader palette of diversity to the vocal sound. And this is just one element that definitely set's their sound apart from most other offerings in the Christian heavy music arena. Just take alisten and let us know if you think they sound like any other Christian band out today?

WITHER and BLOOM has played live less than a dozen times. Yet, in that short amount of time they have already shared the stage with other Christian artists such as Relent, Bloodlines and Zahna. Unfortunately, the bands drummer "Jay Cusick" passed away due to complications from Covid in 2021 and from that point on the band decided to go in different directions. WITHER and BLOOM's singer has effectively taken on the band as a solo project while the bass player and lead guitarist, went on to form their own band called "Twelve Spies".


 WITHER and BLOOM's debut EP will be called "My Sanctuary" and is planned for release in 2024. It will include 7 songs, 5 of which will be originals and 2 will be remake cover songs. You can check out some demo versions of some of the songs featured below. We hope you enjoy them, and if you do, please subscribe to the website by sending us your email so we can keep you posted on the latest info regarding this band and other Not Even One Records artists.


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