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You Found Me – Down On My Knees

I’m Learning The Hardest Way

Sometimes You’ll Find – It’s Hard To Say

That This Will Be The Last Time


There’s Impatience Forming

A Thunder Storming

And Ringing In My Head Again

Temptation’s Calling – Can’t Stop Falling

I’m Walking On This Thread Again – Again




There’s An Evil Breeding – I Must Stop Feeding

Decision In My Hands Again

No Time For Choosing – Time For Concluding

Not Doing All Those Things Again

The Season’s Changing – I’m Rearranging

I’m Turning In My Sin Again

My Hope Is Thinning – I Must Start Winning

Stop Drowning In This Sea Again – Again



Lyrics By: Jonathan Simpson & Paul Crosby

Music By: Jonathan Simpson & Paul Crosby

(special thanks to Heath Joyce for additional guitar riff idea

& Saxton Dover for additional drum beat ideas)

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