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Elegant Abstract Background



When I’ve Come - To The End – Of My Life


And We All Come - To An End – For All Must Die


How Did I Live – And Who Did They See – When They Looked At Me


And After All Is Said And Done - What Did I Leave – What Was My Legacy


And When They Look Back At My Life – What Will I Be Known For


When I’ve Run The Race – Will I See You’re Face – Or Melt In Your Embrace – Holiness Is All I Taste 


 And When I Fall Down – I Will Fall Down - Before You’re Throne


So I Can Live – For Today – Or Eternity


And I Can Give – Or I Can Take – But What I Sow – The Same I Shall Surely Reap


Therefore I Cannot Choose To Waste - Even One Day – Living Selfishly


What I Believe Will Seal My Fate – There Is A Day – I’ll See My Legacy

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